Brenda Marmion



Brenda previously worked in the corporate sector and at one time was Partner in a business organising Patents for clients. She has also been an avid equestrienne and at one stage, whilst living in Queensland started Queensland Horse & Animal Rescue.

It was while living on the Gold Coast twenty odd years ago that Brenda joined NAVOS and began looking after Aussie wildlife; at the same time working in an office, and operating the Horse Rescue.

When Brenda returned to Victoria to look after her ailing father she registered Crystal Ocean Wildlife Shelter with the Deptartment of Sustainability & Environment.

Brenda cared for most forms of wildlife from tiny insectivorous bats to at times, kangaroos. Because of the lack of rescuers at the time, at age 68, Brenda still went out to rescue kangaroos, wallabys, koalas etc, which got a little harder each year as her arthritis set in.

But Brenda has a "Never Give Up" motto!