Brian and Debbie Barnes


Todd, Linda, Debbie and Brian
(I love this photo!)

Although now retired from wildlife care, Brian and Debbie Barnes were carers for 20 odd years and were my very first mentors - and to whom I owe a bundle!

Debbie taught me how to care for marsupial joeys and birds while Brian taught me how to care for Birds of Prey. Brian was the Raptor Specialist in my region and groomed me to replace him when he and Deb moved up the coast.

They have not only shared their knowledge with me. They took many other newtime carers under their wing and mentored them during their first years of wildlife care. A truly dedicated couple to wildlife conservation.

Brian and Debbie supplied many photos of native animal when FCW was in its infancy. To keep FCW stocked with new photos, some of these have now been replaced, but without Brian and Deb, FCW would not have become what it is today.