Claire Smith



Claire Smith lives on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, she is a wildlife rehabilitator with WILDCARE AUSTRALIA Inc.

Claire is also a wildlife writer and photographer and publish a monthly online magazine called AUSTRALIAN WILDLIFE NEWS.

Ever since she can remember, Claire's life has been full of animals and birds. From a very early age in the UK she had lots of pets and living in the country she was surrounded by a multitude of beautiful creatures.

Claire wanted to be a vet when she left school but instead she became a rebel and spent the next few years at art college and protesting against vivisection and the fur trade. Claire still protest today about the injustices that animals endure but these days she does it with a pen.

Claire is so completely passionate about her work with wildlife and can't think of a more rewarding way to spend her life. Claire cares for birds mainly and has spent the last year or so almost exclusively caring for members of the cockatoo family. Her goal is to become a raptor specialist, specifically working with owls. There is something very magical and special about owls that Claire cannot really put into words - she just knows that she is meant to work with them!

The best part of Claire's work with wildlife is always the release. No matter how fond she may become of one of her birds, the joy of releasing them outweighs any personal attachment she may have developed while caring for them. Claire feel very lucky to do this work and hopefully make a difference.

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