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Flower Essence Centre
PO Box 139
Wandong VIC 3758

Phone: 03 5787 2258 (fax too)
Mobile: 0407 117 579


Flower essences are all natural remedies that address emotional imbalances such as anxiety, fear, aggression, etc. Probably the best known remedy is Bach's "Rescue Remedy" for first aid situations, stress, trauma, etc.

Essences are currently gaining popularity in the field of animal health. As well as being given to pets, they are now being used in various holistic vet clinics, training centres and rescue shelters / groups, as they are helpful with assisting with many emotional problems that animals experience.

Animals generally respond beautifully to flower essences. They can be used for a wide range of emotional, sometimes physical, imbalances. Essences are also excellent to use in conjunction with other healing modalities, natural and orthodox, to promote an animal's well being.