Kali Sachs



Kali Sachs, from the Northern Territory, has been caring for wildlife for about 5 years. Kali has always had a passion for caring for animals and loves looking after them but it wasnt until she got a one day old plover in care that Kali and her twin sister reallly took a liking to caring for wildlife as well as domestic animals.

Kali contacted her local parks and wildlife service and asked what to feed the small and hungry plover. She was asked if they had a carers permit and that they could be fined without one. Kali and her sister were upset that they could be fined when they only wanted to help this little orphaned bird. The twins applied for a permit and contacted a group called Wildcare, who were a great help, teaching the girls what they needed to know about caring for wildlife.

Kali had cared for a variety of different birds for just over a year when one day she got a call from a vet close by and asked if she could care for a sub adult Brushtail Possum with moist dermatitis. Kali and her sister agreed to give it a go and were very keen to learn more about them.

Kali ended up naming the possum Ruby and instantly fell in love. Ruby had beautiful brown eyes and a cute pink nose! Ruby grew stronger and stronger and made a full recovery from dermatitis. She was then able to be moved onto another carer for pre-release. Kali and her sister thought if they helped one, they could help others!

Starting out caring for older possums, the girls gradually moved on to caring for young possums, with their littlest one so far was 49g. The girls have also cared for bandicoots, micro bats and the very rare Black-Footed Tree-Rat.

Kali loves to take on the challenge of caring for something new and is keen to learn something new with each animal that comes into care. i still learn new things to this day. In the meantime Kali will do her best to care for anything that comes into care making sure the animals are warm, safe, loved and have a full belly of food.