Kirsa Veal



Kirsa Veal have been a Wildlife Carer since 2004 where she began under the guidance of Annie and Old Bill Fraser in Peterborough.

Kirsa was an Emergency Phone Operator for Wildlife Victoria for 6 years, has been a previous Committee of Management Member and is currently a Regional Coordinator for her area of South West Victoria. In the area Kirsa encounters an interesting range of wildlife from seals, penguins, echidnas, possums, koalas, lizards and all manner of other birds.

Kirsa lives in quite a challenging farm environment where she carries out her activities as a Shelter operator. She also has to deal with a wide range of rescues due to the diversity of wildlife in the area.

Kirsa has extensive experience with rescuing and treatment of koalas after the devastating Framlingham Forest fire in 2007 and subsequent fires in 2009 in Pomborneit, S.W Victoria. She is a vegetarian and animal activist and will continue to speak out against duck shooting, the kangaroo industry, live export, whaling, destruction of habitat and a the myriad of other causes that she feels so strongly about.

Although Kirsa adores all the creatures she has a genuine love of birds, in particular Raptors. She is very passionate about their rehabilitation, continued survival in the wild and the education of the public in how important these birds are to our ecosystem. Kirsa is currently learning how to care for and rehabilitate this highly specialised group of birds. She also wishes to continue to broaden her knowledge on the rehabilitation of koalas, as she can see our much loved koala is in serious trouble from habitat destruction, disease and human interference.

Kirsa's advice to other wildlife carers is to never stop learning and to update your skill base regularly! Seize every opportunity to attend as many courses as possible and read as many books as you can. And always ask someone else's advice who may be more experienced than yourself.

Kirsa can be contacted via email at