Marian Andrews



Marian Andrews has been a wildlife carer for just over 9 years and is currently the Small Mammals Coordinator and the Publicity Officer for her local wildlife group. She is actively involved in the rescue of all native animal species in her area, but mainly cares for birds, possums, gliders and lizards.

Marian has her own pet birds including Alexandrine Parrots, Bourkes Parrots, Cockateils, Pale Headed Rosellas, Eastern Rosellas and a Major Mitchell, who come into care as a lost pet and nobody came forward to collect him. In the picture at left Marian is holding Belle.

Marian has contributed stories, photos and resources to Fourth Crossing Wildlife (many of which have still to be uploaded). Click on the links below to view Marian's current contributions.

Marsupial Milk Formulas
Marian has contributed photos for this paper .

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