Murray Gillies



Murray - my wonderful wildlife bubby babysitter!

He has helped Todd and me on numerous occasions by looking after not only our wildlife charges, but our pups too.

Murray's love of Australian native animals started long before his role of babysitter for us. For five years he successfully cared for and released injured Rainbow Lorikeets and other native parrots that found their way into his care.

He has also voluntarily assisted the National Parks and Wildlife Service in Jindabyne on several occasions, including trapping, monitoring and handling of native marsupials such as the Antechinus, Bush Rat and Mountain Pygmy Possum. He also assisted in surveys of Greater Gliders and Powerful Owls.

During Murray's stays at Fourth Crossing he has taken some great photos and has shared them with Fourth Crossing Wildlife viewers.

Click on the links below to see Murray's contributions to Fourth Crossing Wildlife.

My Wombat Tici
photos in this story have been contributed by Murray
Echidna Care
Murray helped me administer antibiotics to Snuffles the Echidna
while Todd was away