Natasha Crook



A qualified Zoologist, Natasha has recently finished her Honours, looking at wombat ecology in hotspot regions and evaluating drainage culverts as crossing structures for wombats.

She is currently working as a Technician Officer at the University of New England.

Natasha began working with wildlife by volunteering at numerous zoos, wildlife parks and veterinary clinics and has assisted in scientific research. She has also completed a Certificate II in Animal Care and Management while doing her HSC.

Natasha's wildlife care began over two years ago when she volunteered at the captive breeding program, Project Kial in Central Queensland where she assisted in the care of the endangered Bridled Nailtail Wallabies. Under guidance, she learnt how to care for macropods. She later became a wildlife carer, first starting with caring for macropods but later becoming a snake handler. She has been involved in many rescues involving reptiles, wombats and birds. Natasha has also provided scientific advice to wildlife groups and organizations on the impact of roads on native wildlife. She desires to increase our knowledge of our native wildlife through research as she can see the issues that wildlife have from habitat destruction, road kills and human inference.

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