Protecting ALL Australian Wildlife
with new Native Title Act

Fourth Crossing Wildlife, along with The Australian Wildlife Society, has joined with a coalition of wildlife conservation organisations that are all calling for the end to hunting and killing by anyone of vulnerable or endangered Australian wildlife.

The coalition is lobbying the present federal government, or the new incoming government, after 14 September 2013 to alter the Native Title Act of 1993 because the twenty year old Native Title Act allows the unrestricted hunting and killing of about fifty species of Australian native wildlife.

Some are listed locally and internationally as endangered or vulnerable to extinction. Traditional hunting, fishing and foraging practices currently conducted in Australia under Aboriginal traditions and Islander customs target over 50 native wildlife species both terrestrial and marine. These include bustards, crocodiles, dugongs, echidnas, emus, fish, flying foxes, frogs, goannas, lizards, macro pods, magpie geese, mutton birds, possums, shellfish, and snakes, as well as fresh and saltwater turtles.

All the above have no limits or monitoring of numbers taken.

We therefore call for an urgent change to the Native Title Act 1993, so that any endangered or vulnerable animal or marine life is excluded from hunting and killing by any means, for any reason.

We are joined in this campaign by: Animals Australia, Australian Anti Shark Finning Alliance, Australian Wildlife Protection Council, Australians for Animals, Bat Conservation & Rescue Qld, Bob Irwin Wildlife & Conservation, Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, Cee4life,, Durong Dingo Sanctuary, Earthrace Conservation, International Anti Poaching Federation, Koala Hospital Port Macquarie, Koala Preservation Society NSW Inc, KoalaTracker, RSPCA Queensland, Sea Shepherd Australia, Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter, Wildlife Protection Association of Australia, Wombat Awareness and more.

For more information including links to a full list of native animals that are endangered or vulnerable can be found here.

This link will take you to The Australian Wildlife Society website.

You can help by writing or emailing our federal and state environment ministers:

The Hon Tony Burke MP:
Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage

Greg Hunt MP:
Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage

We ask you to unite on this and protect all our wildlife in one hit.