Rare Bags






We (Karen Monson and Rod Simpson) started RARE BAGS in Tasmania in 2009.

Our background was social work and after burning out we decided we wanted to focus on our true passion. In 2012 we taught our friend Nick to make the bags as well, so all three of us make our RARE bags.

Our passion is the planet and the whys and wherefores of what we (as humans) are doing to it and all the other critters the planet provides a home for.

The extinction of specie,s we believe, is the greatest crime that humanity has committed and hence we focus a lot on this issue. We also do bags about what is happening to the oceans, to the forests, animal cruelty issues, what is happening to cultural diversity and to the human spirit by our degrading consumerism culture. It is all interconnected, the reasons for one, are generally the same for all things.






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