Robin Crisman



Robin Crisman has been a veterinarian since 1992, trained in the United States of America and has always treated and raised wildlife. She saw mainly deer and other cervids in the States as well as raccoons, skunks and anything else people would bring in.

Robin moved to Australia three and a half years ago and the main reason was because of the wildlife.

Robin enjoy raising and treating all native animals but has been fortunate enough to gain a lot of experience and knowledge about wombats and macropods from her dear friend Roz Holme at Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue.

Robin's practice is inland central coast and is surrounded by bush so she sees wildlife patients fairly regularly. She also works for a local wildlife park where she has treated everything from spiders, lizards, snakes and a large variety of marsupials.

Robin is still learning about our wonderful wildlife and is constantly seeking knowledge about Australia's fascinating native animals.