Safe Haven AACE Raffle




1. Original WildArt - Linda Dennis pointillism artwork, “Princess Hobo”
Valued at $450.00
Donated by Linda Dennis

2. Limited edition (515 of 5000) hand signed Pro Hart print, “St Patrick Day’s Races”
(pre-loved, unframed)
Valued at $300.00
Donated by Vivien Clark-Ferraino

3. Sterling silver Bushprints Jewellery set of wombat footprint necklace and earring
Value at $132.00
Donated by Bushprints Jewellery.

4. Set of children’s Wombat Books by Jill Morris
(including “The Wombat Who Talked to the Stars”, “Wombat Down Below”, “Golden Wombats”, “Harry the Hairy-nosed Wombat and other Australian Animal Tales” and the “Wombat Colouring and Activity Book).
Valued at $100.00
Donated by Jill Morris.

5. Australian Hobby signed print by Steven McNeil of
Still in Motion Photography

Valued at $80.00
Donated by Steven McNeil.

6. Knitted possum scarf by Debbie Barnes
Valued at $50.00
Donated by Brian and Debbie Barnes.

7. Set of 3 lino printed wombat socks made
by Cheryl Bickham

(including 1x pink socks with purple wombats, 1x light purple socks with black wombats and 1x green socks with blue wombats).
Valued at $25.00
Donated by Callignee Wildlife Shelter.


Safe Haven AACE in central Queensland has a well recognised history of caring for native wildlife in captivity, including the endangered Bridled Nail-tail Wallaby.

Their latest project which is now in the planning stage is the Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat project.

The new facility is complete and includes 8 stalls which can hold up to 16 wombats, with individual outside enclosures and one large free roaming pen where the wombats can socialise at their whim.

Before wombats can be established in the facility, it needs to be rigged up with cameras and videoing equipment so that the wombats can be safely monitored at all times.

The camera set-up will cost around $10,000.

AACE is now running a raffle to help raise funds for their important work, which I will be processing on their behalf.

I have donated one of my WildArt - Linda Dennis artworks, a pointillism piece of “Princess Hobo”, the very first Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat joey ever to come into care, under the charge of Tina Janssen of Safe Haven.

There are six more fantastic prizes to be won!

cheers for now
Linda Dennis
Fourth Crossing Wildlife

Please read all instructions listed after the prize descriptions.



Ticket purchasers must be over 18 years of age.

Raffle total prize pool - $1137.00

Ticket cost - $3.00 each or 4 for $10.00

Tickets are to be purchased by emailing

Please add SAFE HAVEN RAFFLE to the email subject line.

Ticket numbers will be emailed to purchaser at time of purchase.

The raffle will be drawn May 11th 2017 on Hairy-nosed Day (starting at 10am).

Please note that if sales are low the raffle draw will be postponed.

Raffle will by drawn by Linda and Todd Dennis at Fourth Crossing Wildlife, NSW.

Winners will be announced on Safe Haven AACE and Fourth Crossing Wildlife Facebook pages and winners will also be notified by email.

Prizes will be mail to winners at our cost.