Saving the Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombats


The 2007 Hair Census


the roo yard
kangaroos and wallabies on the park enter through the one way gate into a paddock with feed and water and then are released into surrounding land by a gate on the park perimeter

a feed station
wombats enter the feed station through a heavy flap gate, where wombat pellets and water have been left - movement is capture on film and video from the camera station (at right)

Butterfly madness
These species of butterfly was smack bang in the middle of their breeding season - as soon as the bufferfly emerged from its chrysalis the adult butterfly mated with it

Camp Visitor
This huge Green Tree Frog visited us in Tent City - it was only just smaller than the palm of my hand.

Cocakatoo on Gaurd
A breeding pair of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos took up home in the hollow of a tree on the park, each time we drove past they came out to check on us!

Bowerbird Nest

Cooking Dinner
not really! This is the hairs we collected being boiled to extract the DNA

Tent City
this is where Therese and I camped out - my tent is on the right

Lizard Tracks
There were all kinds of tracks in the sand - all kinds of birds, lizards and of course, wombats!

The dunny!
Note there is no door!

Dollar Birds

The Volunteers Donga
This is where some of the volunteers slept - it's called the
Hairy-Nosed Hilton

Data Entry
Afrer the daily hair intake was collected the information had to be entered into a database

Dr Alan Horsup at Saggy Baggy's burrow
Each day we would rake the entry of Saggy Baggy burrow to see how far she ventured at night - not far at all.

Saggy Baggy Wombat
The Old Girl of Epping near the very end of her life

Collecting Hair
snipping of each individual hair was tough on the eyes!

Dr Alan Horsup tagging burrow number 300
A significant moment during our trip

Me and Tilly!
otherwise known as Therese Black

Roberto Munguia and me
He was really embarressed to have this photo taken - a shy boy!

Hazel and Dennis Hanrahan and me
These photos were taken on our last day at Epping Forest
National Park

The Girls!
from left - Hilary MacDonald, Therese Black, me, Helen Matthews
and Carol Pullar (front)

Alan Horsup and me
Back in Rockhampton before being dropped off to return home

Todd Woody and me
Back in Rockhampton

Wiggles and me!
The day before we flew home some of us visited Rockhampton Zoo
where Wiggles lives

Wombat Love!
You just gotta love these guys - how cute can you get!

Clingon and me
This is the first time I've held a koala and boy - they do cling on -
and tight!!