Serventy Conservation Medal
Runner Up for 2006


Linda's Acceptance Speech





I have been a dedicated wildlife carer for seven years and during that time I have learnt so much about native animals and their specialised care.

What I do with my knowledge has earned me this recognition, and I am exceptionally proud to be standing here today.

In a nut shell, what I do is knowledge sharing.

Some time ago I recognised that wildlife care information is not easily available to all who need it and so I created my website, Fourth Crossing Wildlife and the Fauna First Aid wildlife lecture program.

My program recognises the fact that any person who picks up a distressed or injured animal is a carer. It is my mission to support and educate these carers.

Through Fauna First Aid, I teach wildlife awareness, rescue and care to veterinary nurse students, community groups and school children, starting as young as pre-schoolers.

Through Fourth Crossing Wildlife and Fauna First Aid I present quality wildlife resources to all wildlife carers, without prejudice or discrimination.

Many others share my dream and resource contributions have been submitted from all corners of the wildlife community, including veterinarians, specialist carers and zoo keepers.

Fourth Crossing Wildlife has had nearly half a million visits** since it was created. If just one of these visits has resulting in saving just one animal, then surely it's worth it.

Although my belief in "knowledge sharing" has brought frowns from some, I believe that our native animals can only benefit if knowledge is shared with all who seek it - and I am committed to this belief.

I am incredibly proud and honoured to have been acknowledged for my work - the blood, sweat and tears have definitely been worth it.

Just a few thank you's. Many thanks to Margie Creighton who nominated me for the prestigious Serventy Conservation Award. Thanks to my fabulous family and wonderful friends for their support and encouragement.

Particular thanks to my husband Todd, who has dealt admirably with my wildlife obsession!

Thanks to Digital Pacific who sponsor the hosting of Fourth Crossing Wildlife and to the Australian Geographic Society for initial sponsorship of the Fauna First Aid program.

Of course, many thanks to the Wildlife Preservation Society for seeing the value in my contribution to wildlife conservation.

And huge thanks to those who share my dream and have helped me make Fourth Crossing Wildlife and Fauna First Aid into what they have become today - the wildlife carers best friends.


** Since presenting this speech I have recalculated the amount of visits to Fourth Crossing Wildlife - and I was way off!

FCW has actually had just under 5 million visits in the past year only!! (numbers were never my strong point!)

This is tremendous news - wildlife knowledge is being shared with all who need it - and this is the main aim of FCW.

If you would like to share your wildlife knowledge with the world please email Linda at