Serventy Conservation Medal
WPSA Media Release


Linda and Bob Debus (outgoing) Minister for the Environment






Our Society was delighted at the number of entries for the Serventy Conservation Medal for 2006 and was particularly impressed by the standard of the entries. It was decided to award a Certificate for the runner up and this year this was awarded to Linda Dennis of "Fourth Crossing" in Orange New South Wales.

Linda established "Fourth Crossing" as a wildlife refuge that provides valuable habitat for animals that include platypus, echidna, wombat, kangaroo, wallaroo, wallaby, possums, gliders, more than 100 species of native bird, and numerous reptiles. "Fourth Crossing" has been declared a wildlife refuge under the National Parks and Services Act.

When notified that she was runner up for the Serventy Conservation Medal Linda was very excited and said she was extremely pleased that the Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia recognised her work with Australian wildlife as worthy. She added that she was honoured to have been nominated for the 2006 Serventy Conservation Medal and was quite chuffed to be selected as runner up. She added that this recognition of her work has motivated her to try and achieve even more for our precious native wildlife and for the people who care for them and about them.

Linda Dennis is a wildlife educator. She has had seven year's experience in wildlife care and during that time has gained a wealth of information relating to the care of many native species, which she freely shares with all wildlife carers without prejudice or discrimination. Linda's wildlife lecture program, Fauna First Aid, is presented to a wide audience, including veterinary nurse students, school children and the community.

In recognising that wildlife care information is not easily available to all who need it, resources are also presented on the web at Resource contributions are presented from all corners of the wildlife community, including veterinarians, specialist carers and zoo keepers.