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Sonya Stanvic lives in the Blue Moutains, west of Sydney. Sonya is well known within the wildlife community and specialises in the care of possums and gliders. She has written two comprehensive care guides that are an essential addition to every wildlife carers library.

In the guides Sonya share's a wealth of information on the care of many possum and glider species. Her latest guide (Possums - Juvenile to Adult) also shows some excellent colour photographs providing a visual example of possum care.

These days Sonya is more involved with conservation. It is her aim to educate wildlife rehabilitators on plant ID, plant communities, bugs related to native plants, different habitats such as wetlands, bush regeneration, native tucker and what its used for and weeds. Sonya believes that conservation based education is the "big picture" - because plants and wildlife go together!

Managing Heat Stress in Flying Fox Colonies
by Sonya Stanvic, Viki McDonald and Linda Collins
PDF file - 2mb

Note that Possums - Juvenile to Adult is a very large file.
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