Spikey Designs


Bare-Nosed Wombat design



Butterfly design



just some of the colours available







Web: www.spikeydesigns.com
Email: ann@spikeydesigns.com


Spikey Designs bags are created by Ann Jackson of Victoria.

Each bag is hand crafted individually and therefore each bag is slightly unique.

Although these bags weren't created with the intention of being joey bags (they also make great handbags!), they fit the bill perfectly.

They are great for carrying around small marsupials that need close comfort. The bags sit nicely across the body, distributing the weight evenly over the body.

The bags come in all different sizes for different growth stages and are 100% cotton, so they are breathable.

There are several different colours and designs to choose from (including my favourite, the Bare-Nosed Wombat design), however if you contact Ann she will work with you to get the design you're after.

Spikey Designs bags are available through Ebay and are priced very reasonably.






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