Stuart Clowes



Stuart is a trained snake handler and long time environmentalist, living in Maclean, Northern New South Wales.

His large property is a release site for several local species.

Some species found on his property include: Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Swamp Wallaby, Red Necked Wallaby, Rufous Bettong, Brushtail Possum, Ringtail Possum, Bearded Dragon, Water Dragon, Brushtail Phascogale, Velvet Gecko, a wide range of frog species, King Parrot, Coastal Emu and Wonga Pigeon. A wildlife lovers paradise!

Stuart appreciates the uniqueness in all wildlife, but has a particular appreciation for flying-foxes and kangaroos.

Stuart can be found in his spare time riding his motorbike in the low wetland part of the Northern Rivers trying to spot the elusive Black-Necked Stork.