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Below you will find a long list of quality wildlife resources submitted to Fauna First Aid from all corners of the wildlife community; authors include veterinarians, zoo keepers and experienced wildlife carers. It should be noted, however, that these resources are guides only - it is very important to remember that each and every animal is totally unique and each should be treated as an individual. Some animals may develop quickly, some a little slower, some may see an easy rehabilitation while others may become highly distressed when in care and need extra attention. If you are experiencing problems that may not be addressed in these resources, or you find that animals are developing differently, then please contact an experienced wildlife carer for more information. Please feel free to contact Linda at linda@fourthcrossingwildlife.com if you would like any further advice.

Living with Snakes   How to safely remove a joey from
the pouch of its dead mother
PDF file (214kb)
What to do with a
Wiggling Wombat

PDF file (640kb)
  Living with Brushtail Possums
by Cheryl Dooley

Spot the Difference

A Guide to the
Care of Bare-Nosed Wombats

  Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat
Husbandry Manual

by Donna Treby

Possums - Juvenile to Adult

by Sonya Stanvic

  Australasian Zoo Keeping
webmaster - Geoff Underwood
The Care and Hand-raising of Orphaned and
Injured Bandicoots

by Rhonda McClymont
  Living with Magpies
Reducing Wildlife Road Kill & Injury
PDF - 250kb

Recognition of Pain in Wildlife
by Dr Anne Fowler
PDF - 233kb

Treating Burnt Wildlife
by Dr Anne Fowler
PDF - 583kb

Pain Relief in Native Animals
by Dr Anne Fowler
PDF - 85.3kb


Looking at Bird Poo
by Dr Anne Fowler
PDF - 57.2kb

Fractures in Birds
by Dr Anne Fowler
PDF - 83.3kb

Capture Myopathy
by Dr Anne Fowler
PDF - 79.8kb
  Lizards in the Central West
Care and Handling

by Len & Christine Riding
PDF - 184kb
Capturing Pelicans and other birds
that can be lured

by Lance Ferris
PDF - 1.24MB
  Internal Parasites
by Yvonne marie Sitko

Marsupial Milk Formulas

Grass, Cows and Kangaroos

Hand-Rearing and Development
of the Orphaned Flying-Fox

by Linda Collins
Rescue - Rearing - Rehabilitation - Release

by Sonya Stanvic
Avian Gastric Yeast
by Lesley Baird
Rehabilitating Sea Turtles
by Lesley Baird
Freshwater Turtles in the Central West
Care and Handling

by Len and Christine Riding

Feeding Wildlife
by Marian Andrews

The Bare-Nosed Wombat
and Sarcoptic Mange

by Roz Holme
Breeding Common Wombats
Cameron Lane and Michele Barnes, Dreamworld
PDF file - 353kb
Caring for Raptors
Sharon Blair
PDF file - 59.1kb
  Husbandry Manual for
Common Wombat

Michele Barnes, Dreamworld
PDF file - 1.92MB
A Guide to the Care of
Spinifex Hopping Mice

Brushtail Possum
Growth Chart

Terri Eather
PDF file - 77.4kb


The Flying Fox Manual
by Dave Pinson

  Koala Rehabilitation Manual
Port Macquarie Koala Hospital
Magpie Pox
by Dr Anne Fowler
PDF file - 175kb
  Factors associated with road mortality of the
Bare-Nosed Wombat (Vombatus ursinus) in the Nowendoc “hot spot” region

by Natasha Crook
Biology Rescue and Rehab of Short-Beaked Echidnas
by Peggy Rismiller
  The Wildlife Carers Dictionary
Wombat Husbandry Manual
by Donna Treby
PDF file - 2.77mb
  Managing Heat Stress in Flying Fox Colonies
by Sonya Stanvic, Viki McDonald and Linda Collins
PDF file - 2mb
Wombaroo Bird Booklet
by Gordon Rich
PDF file - 3.15MB
Wombaroo Milk Booklet
by Gordon Rich
PDF file - 1.14 MB

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are in PDF file format.

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