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Rescue, Rehabilitation, Release




The Original photo of Alu
The original photo of Alu


My current project - a Wedge-Tailed Eagle.

It has me stumped!! The bird is mantling and the the body curves around behind the head.... and I can't work out how to draw it!. Help, anyone?



After a ten year absence from from doing any artwork, I have again found my inspiration - thanks to Katherine Lohse!

Some time ago Katherine contacted me to gain permission to do a painting of my photograph of beautiful Alu, a Bare-Nosed Wombat (below, left). Well, Katherine's final product of Alu inspired me to again pick up the pencil and draw her myself.

Rescue, Rehabitation, Release is the result.

My husband Todd taught me to draw many moons ago (he's a pro!) however my subjects were of women - I loved capturing their femininity and beauty.

Rescue, Rehabilitation, Release is my first attempt at drawing an animal and of course with my love of wombats it stands to reason that a wombat would be my first subject. I gotta say I'm pretty tickled pink with her!

Now that I've got the bug I'm preparing to do more. My next piece will be in colour which will be a new medium for me as I've always worked with lead pencil.

So, stay tuned for more wildart by Linda Dennis!



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