What to keep in a Wildlife Rescue Kit


The following items are good things to keep in a wildlife rescue kit which
can be kept in your car.

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A heat source - such as a hot water bottle (filled with hot tap water only not boiling) or a grain filled bag, etc. Ensure you wrap the heat source with a towel - do not place directly onto the animal.

Thermometer for checking temperature. Place probe near animal and place the thermometer unit where it can be easily seen. See links below photo for more information.


Antiseptic, such as Dettol.

Pouches (eg pillowslips), towels, and blankets of assorted sizes.


Generic milk replacer such as Biolac, Di-Vetelact or Wombaroo Formula One. These can be purchased from most vets.

Electrolyte fluid, such as Vitrate, Lectate or Glucodine.

Bottles and teats.

Syringes without the needle - to offer water by dribbling on side of mouth.

Disposable gloves - to keep hands clean.

Paw paw ointment -a great natural wound cleaner and healer.

Wet Ones - alcoholic hand wipes to clean your hands after rescue.

Safety pins to pin pouch liners together.

Vet wrap (available from vets) and assorted bandages - for stabilising breaks and halting blood flow.

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