Special Thanks



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I couldn't have done what I have without the help of my wonderful husband, Todd.  He has helped me from building the hundreds of cages I now own (a slight exaggeration, but he has made lots!), chopping up dead rabbits and rats (yuk!), force feeding grumpy birds (or holding them while I do) and assisting me euthanase sick or badly injured animals, and then holding me tight while I cry my eyes out.

Thanks babe, you're the best!


Huge thanks to the Australian Geographic Society for sponsoring Fauna First Aid my wildlife lecture program, and to Digital Pacific for sponsoring the Fourth Crossing Wildlife site. . Click here to read more.


I would like to thank all the people who have shared their photos, stories and resources with Fourth Crossing Wildlife - see Sponsorship Donations and Contributors for more information.


Massive thanks to Orange Veterinary Hospital and Summer Street Vet Clinic. The staff at the vets including the veterinarians, nurses and admin staff have helped me immeasurably over the years. I would like to particularly thank Kim Rolls and Judith Carney for their assistance and for the patience they have shown me as I try to learn more.


Thanks to the vets at the Veterinary and Quarantine Centre at Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo. Benn Bryant and Tim Portas, as well as their wonderful vet nurses, have provided consultations, medications, treatments and advice free of charge for numerous critters in my care.


And huge thanks to the Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia and the International Fund for Animal Welfare for recognising my contribution to wildlife conservation.