by Linda Dennis

A sad story of Arnica, an Eastern Grey Kangaroo joey with a broken leg.


A Speckie Experience
by Dave Pinson

A visit to a flying fox colony results in a rare rescue opportunity.


A Spikey Dragon
by Linda Dennis

Spike, Bearded Dragon, undergoes surgery to repair a broken jaw.


A Wombat called Fuddles
by Linda Dennis

Fuddles was a pet and the job was to get the wild back into him!


by Liz McNeil

A story of a wayward wombat and getting her back to a safe home.


Buddha, a Very Complicated Case
by Linda Dennis

A Bare-Nosed Wombat joey is sick but it's far from what's expected.


Diary of a Puzzle
by Emma Cash

A female Eastern Brushtail Possum is indeed a puzzle to her carer.


Dog Attack
by Linda Dennis

WARNING: images may be distressing to some viewers

This story highlights why ALL domestic pets should be managed carefully.


Echidna Care
by Linda Dennis

Snuffles, an echidna, is in care after being hit by a car.


Eddie's Story
by Emma Cash

A Bare-Nosed Wombat comes back into care after being hit by a car.


It's a Ducks Life
by Di Scott

Di's awesome experience at hatching duck eggs.


Kingfisher Eggs
by Maddie Reinecker

Four kingfisher eggs are rescued from a fallen tree and need help to hatch.


Meet Maddy
by Linda Dennis

Maddy, a Swamp Wallaby joey, has a difficult start to her new life with humans.


Mother and Son : The Stock Ramp Eagles
by Helen and Robbie Taylor

Quite a different rescue story - two eagles trapped under a cattle grid!


My Secret Snake Sighting
by Linda Dennis

Up close and personal with a mystery snake.


Platypus, Lungfish and Catfish
author wishes to remain anonymous

An article about river pollution and the impacts it has on our native animals.


Plight of the Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat
by Linda Dennis

An article about the Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat and threats it faces.


Poor Possum 
by Linda Dennis

Possum rehabilitation gone wrong.


Rescuing the Ringtails
by Linda Dennis

An awesome experience working on a Western Ringtail Possum project in WA.


Rue's End
by Steven McNeil

A sad story of Rue, an Eastern Grey Kangaroo, told through her eyes.


Saving the Northern Hairy- Nosed Wombat
by Linda Dennis

The 2007 Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat Hair Census.


Seizures and Poo
by Linda Dennis

The surprising connection between seizures and poo (or lack thereof).


by Liz McNeil

A young, very sick wombat joey is rescued and teaches his carer new skills!


Snakes Alive
by Stuart Clowes

A snake is trapped and the rescue is tricky!


by Marian Andrews

Barbed wire and native animals don't mix.


Territorial Aggression
by Linda Dennis

Another story on Fuddles and his brush with the local dominant wombat.


The Eagles vs The Wallabies
by Linda Dennis

What to do when eagles hunt wallabies?!?!?


by Linda Dennis

A heartbreaking end to the rehabilitation of Thump, a Red Kangaroo joey.


by Linda Dennis

Released Wallaroo, Squilch, comes back home with twins!


Wal the Quoll
by Annette Colling

Wal was injured and sick. But he was clever enough to seek human help!


Warnbro Wanderer
by Marg Larner

The rehabilitation of a Wandering Albatross.


What Goes Up Must Come Down
by Lance Ferris

The dangers of releasing helium balloons into the environment.


Wombats : The Big Picture
by Linda Dennis

The threats wombats face and the work people are doing to save them.